Dennis Wong Says YOR Health Works for Mind and Body

Sluggish, tired, fatigued…these words described Yezika Calberto until she found a small nutrition company founded by Sophia and Dennis Wong–YOR Health. Today, Yezika has more energy than ever before and doesn’t back down at the end of a hard day.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Yezika Calberto struggled with a slow metabolism her entire life. It seemed that she was always tired and often took three to four hour naps after school. Yezika’s teen years were spent napping instead of dating and her adult life started off on the same lethargic foot. That all changed for Yezika with the launch of the YOR Health line of nutrition products in 2008.

Yezika found out about Dennis Wong and YOR Health through a chance encounter with an Independent Representative who promised results, or her money back. With nothing to lose, Yezika decided to give the products a shot. After a week, she was convinced: Yezika’s bed no longer called her name by noon, she quit fighting to stay awake during the day, and her workplace focus and productivity skyrocketed. YOR CompleteBurn made such a huge difference in her life that Yezika’s friends and family wondered if she was really the same person!

Before adding YOR Health to her daily diet, Yezika wasn’t getting the nourishment her body needed. That caused her to not only feel unhealthy but look it as well. Her eyes were dark, her skin dry and splotchy, and her hair was brittle and faded. Dennis Wong says YOR Health YOR Essential Vitamins boosted Yezika’s energy and has given her clearer, smoother skin and silkier hair.
Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the company’s team of wellness advocates say Yezika is a perfect example of how a small change can have a big impact.

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