A Battle Won | Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder

If you’ve ever looked at a “thin” person with admiration, you are not alone. However, as YOR Health customer Vana Pettine understands all too well, waist size doesn’t do anything to boost self-esteem. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, Vana’s thin frame did not stop her from feeling inadequate in a society focused on outward beauty.

Vana Pettine’s inner struggles began at a young age. In middle school, Vana’s self-image was defined by celebrities and fashion models. Her short stature and average weight never allowed her to look like the women on TV. By high school, Vana had reached 138 pounds, an almost unhealthy size for her petite frame. The pretty young woman started holding in her “gut” when she sat down and avoiding social situations for fear that her inward disaster would affect her outside relationships. Dennis Wong says the YOR Health launch in 2008 came at the perfect time for Vana.
When Vana placed her first order with YOR Health, she was a bit skeptical, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health YOR Shake, YOR Essential Vitamins, and YOR CompleteBurn arrived a few days later and Vana immediately added them to her daily diet. Within a week, Vana had lost six pounds. Edging closer to her ideal weight, Vana started to feel better about herself. As she later found out from Dennis Wong, YOR Health YOR Shake is a delicious alternative to heavy meals and, as an added bonus, is formulated with muscle-building ingredients and enzymes to help the body’s digestive system.

Today, Dennis Wong says YOR Health remains a part of Vana’s healthy lifestyle. The Jersey girl no longer looks at billboards for role models and has learned to love what she sees in the mirror. Perhaps more importantly, Vana now understands that strong trumps skinny in ways she could have never imagined, and she has won her lifelong battle against poor self-esteem.

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