About Sophia Wong YOR Health

Sophia Wong, a YOR Health founder, has served as a leading resource and inspiration since the company’s inception in 2008. Her overall mission is to spread health and happiness to people around the world while building a community of like-minded individuals. Sophia Wong of YOR Health encourages her Customers to socialize and interact with each other through a series of programs and get-togethers that promote personal wellness.

An innovative businesswoman in today’s competitive economy, Sophia Wong of YOR Health has firmly planted herself among the top executives in the nutrition industry. Sophia Wong, a YOR Health co-founder, serves the organization as its Head of Operations and Administration. Her chief tasks include product logistics, global finance, product registration and customer service, among others. Sophia Wong and the YOR Health team champion an extensive line of supplements that promote the body’s consistent use of nutrients. As a result of their tremendous outreach efforts, health-conscious people from Mexico City to Melbourne have the unique ability to change their lives for the better.

As the foundation of her executive duties, Sophia Wong of YOR Health shares mutually beneficial relationships with her business associates and Independent Representatives. This supportive and highly professional environment helps people from around the world understand the importance of health and wellness as part of a regular routine. By inspiring others to make adjustments to their nutrition and exercise habits, Sophia Wong and YOR Health have created and maintained a loyal client base with passionate and encouraging individuals.

In order to provide further encouragement to her colleagues, Sophia Wong of YOR Health has invited an illustrious list of celebrities to speak at the company’s extensive roster of events and conferences. Ms. Wong is fully committed to sharing the good news about the YOR Health line of products while emphasizing the needs of Customers and Independent Representatives in all daily activities.

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